Through growth and gratitude, 

we've discovered the SATISFACTION OF GIVING BACK.

We inspire to develop a facility support company that's able to contribute a lasting impression both now and in the future through superior work.

Through our success, we are able to give back to communities and programs who have impacted our growth and successes.



We are able to give back to communities and programs, which have fulfilled a crucial role in cultivating the mindset of and molding the Owner of A James Global Services, Inc.  To date, these programs are still very active in supporting and providing essential resources and guidance for our youth.  It is through these programs individuals are able to see their immediate situation for something more, in the future, than what it is now. They understand that they too can obtain a future where success, leadership, and charity has an impact on others. 


1000 Saint Andrews Road, Suite C 

Columbia, SC 29210


Tel: 803-298-8922

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